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Empowering At-Risk Youth: Transforming lives one CLASSROOM at a time Giving Them the Chance They Deserve: Transforming lives one STUDENT at a time Providence of Delaware: Accessible, Effective and High-Quality Services
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Our focus is on serving youth and their families inside of their own communities.

Providence of Delaware, established in 2005, is a subsidiary of Providence Service Corporation (PSC), a human services organization that spans across 40 states and Canada. PSC is renowned for providing human services to youth, adults, and their families.

Providence Service Corporation’s mission is simple:
To provide accessible, effective, high-quality, community-based mental health services, social support, and academic instruction as alternatives to traditional methods.

One to one help

At risk youth need both individual and positive social attention to become effective citizens.


Our Growth Has Been Phenomenal

Since its humble beginnings just a few short years ago, the Providence Service Corporation of Delaware has grown tremendously within the realm of alternative education and now as a provider of broader community based mental health services. Providence is now the largest non-public school provider of alternative education services within the state of Delaware. Read more…